Welcome to the
Mens Final!

Welcome to the
Mens Final

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Find all of your important Mens Final information here. Register your team below, view available tee times, check out the format (once its released) and see full results after the event. This page will be updated weekly. 

Men's Final Registration
To Sign Up Please Fill Out the Form Below
Registration Deadline: September 9th

If you are signing up as a twosome, please leave player 3 and player 4 info blank. If signing up as a threesome, please leave player 4 info blank. Thank you!

Men’s Starting Times

If your team has registered, you will see your starting time below.

9:40 AM – Toope (Captain: Chris Toope)

9:50 AM – Minnow (Captain: Adam Wainwright)

10:00 AM – Litt / Whiting (Captain: Andy Litt)

10:10 AM – Jeninga (Captain Art Jeninga)

10:20 AM –PMPW (Captain: Ian Patton)

10:30 AM – Kelly (Captain: Justin Kelly)

10:40 AM – The Hillbillies (Captain: Roger Orton)

10:50 AM – Batchellor (Captain: Tim Batchellor)

11:00 AM – Cameron (Captain: Steve Cameron)

11:10 AM – Gillespie (Captain: Keith Barrett)

11:20 AM – Knott (Captain: Derek Knott)

11:30 AM –Swindelers (Captain: Mike Wessbecher)

11:40 AM – Dick Ed’s (Captain Ron Reitsma)

11:50 AM – Triple J’s (Captain Jim Kloostra)

12:00 PM – Decklers (Captain Brent Mullins)

12:10 PM – Simpson (Captain: Cody Simpson)

12:20 PM – Burns (Captain: Frank Burns)

12:30 PM – Reid (Captain: Bill Reid)

12:40 PM – Team Hall (Captain: Floyd Hall)

12:50 PM – Team Davidson (Captain: Alex Davidson)

1:00 PM –  Team Dekeyser (Captain Rob Dekeyser)

1:10 PM – Team Giroux (Captain: Ryan Giroux)

1:20 PM – Blocked

1:30 PM –  blocked

1:40 PM – Team Beyond (Captain Jamie Littlechild)

1:50 PM – Bercier (Captain Eric Bercier

2:00 PM – Casteels (Captain: Ed Casteels)

2:10 PM – Chatterson (Captain: John Chatterson)

2:20 PM – Churchill (Captain: Jason Churchill)

2:30 PM – Three Ells & a bit of BS (Captain Mike Ludolph)

2:40 PM – Doyle (Captain Mike Doyle)

2:50 PM – 

3:00 PM – 

It’s going to be a good good time!