Welcome to the
Mens Final!

Welcome to the
Mens Final

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Find all of your Men’s Final information here. Register your team below, check out the format (once its released) and see full results after the event. This page will be updated weekly.

Notice: Right now we are determining what would be best for our final. We have 180 plus men’s league players and have a few options to let them all play. Option 1: Back to Back Shotgun’s: We run a main shotgun for up to 108 golfers at 1:30 PM with dinner to follow and all presentations. Players who do not get into the main draw will be placed into the AM draw at 8:30 AM. The AM players would receive their dinner around 1:00 PM and would still be able to put ballots into prizing and have their scores entered for the team and divisional flights. They would also be welcome at the presentations later that evening. Option 2: Tee Time Starts Similar to last summer’s year end we would start tee times at 8:00AM and run them until 3:00PM for the Men’s final. You would know your tee time in advance and would go out golfing, dine afterwards and put your ballots into the prizes for your chance to win. The presentations would be virtual via a GoogleMeet Feed and players would pick up their prizes at a later date. 

When filling out your registration form, please select what option your group prefers. We will make a decision regarding the starting format at the registration deadline date. If we end up changing it to a tee time start, please make sure to select a preferred tee time below just in case. 

Men's Final Registration
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Registration Deadline: September 9th

If you are signing up as a twosome, please leave player 3 and player 4 info blank. If signing up as a threesome, please leave player 4 info blank. Thank you!

It’s going to be a good good time!